Please note

  • Please bring face masks to your ride. When we have to get close to each other while mounting, we will all wear masks, please. Thank you!

  • That described trail routes are an indication of where you will go & that wranglers may have to change routes from day to day depending on trail conditions!!!

  • A liability waiver has to be signed before every ride.

  • We are happy to take children from 10 years on, on our rides. The child has to be tall enough to fit the  stirrups of the saddle. Maximum 2 hour rides! Out of experience we are convinced this is sufficient time to have a fun experience without wearing the little ones out. The parents should be able to judge their young ones best, whether they are physically and mentally able to go on a two hour ride. At Bettle Creek Ranch children have to be accompanied by one parent or care giver until the age of 18.

  • All our rides are suitable for beginners and enjoyable for experienced riders as well.

  • For the safety and enjoyment of your trail ride and due to the terrain in the Park our trail horses will only do a gentle walk.

  • Riding helmets are provided.

  • Please wear solid footwear preferably with smooth soles and a heel.

  • All rides are cancelled during thunder and lightning storms. If the rides are already in progress, the ride might stop in a safe place to wait out the electric part of the storm.

  • We ride in rain and shine. In case of rain we will provide rain slickers to insure a comfortable ride.

  • Weight Restrictions:: As we only have a limited number of larger horses, we have strict weight restrictions: 200 lbs or 90 kg is our upper weight limit. Please do not book in if you are heavier. If you book in and you are too heavy you cannot ride, but you have to pay as you have taken a free spot. For the sake of the horses, thank you for your understanding!

If we know ahead of time, we would be happy to customize trail rides for you.

Let us know your ideas!

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation 7 days prior – no charge; cancellation between 7 days and 24 hrs prior – 50 % charge; cancellation 24 hrs prior to ride – full charge. For overnight trips the cancellation policy is following: cancellation 30 days prior to trip – no charge; cancellation 30 – 7 days prior to trip – 50 % charge; cancellation 7 days prior and less – 100 % charge.